Is Laser Cutting Expensive?

To Determine whether Laser Cutting is expensive, one needs to look
at the application it is being used for and the factors that
determine cost when laser cutting. Not all parts are best served
being laser cut versus say alternatively punched or pressed. The
below is an explanation to help you understand the cost factors of
Laser cutting and whether or not it would be suitable for you.
The Cost of Laser Cutting is primarily made up of the TIME it takes
to laser cut your specific part.

Time is influenced by Thickness of Material, Type of material and
Size of the part.

Type of Material

The type of Material used for your part will have an impact of the
TIME it takes to cut the part. Some materials are easier and quicker
to cut and others are more difficult and take longer.
Eg. Mild Steel is quicker and easier to work with rather than say
Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

Thickness of Material

The thickness of Material will also have an impact of the TIME it
takes to cut the part. Generally, the thicker the material the
longer it takes to cut it as your speed of cutting is decreased.

Size of Part

The size of the part being cut is also important and a complicated
part with may cuts/holes/variations will naturally take longer than
a straightforward shape cut. The smaller and the more intricate the
parts generally the longer it takes to most instances, a
simple shape with repetitive holes/cuts that are needed in large
volumes could be better done via a punching machine rather than
laser cutting. Any design with multiple cuts/holes are however
generally better served being laser cut.

Costs influencing price:

Variable Costs involved in Laser cutting include but are not limited

These costs are all TIME related/dependant.

The longer the TIME it takes to cut a part, the more these costs
need to be factored in. You will generally be priced according to a
minute rate of cutting in order to calculate the per unit cost as it
will take into account all these factors.
Please feel free to send us your design and allow us to give you the
suitable advice on whether Laser Cutting is the best service for
your needs.

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